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Gauge Factors Ltd. offers a comprehensive, innovative and modern strain gauge installation service. We continually evolve new techniques and processes with our hands-on approach developed over the past 30 years.

We provide a full in-house service and are fully equipped for Load cell design & manufacture, from 1 off prototype load cells to batch and production runs, through to calibration.

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Strain Gauges

As an independent company we are able to source and supply from the widest range of strain gauges available ensuring the right strain gauge for the correct application.

  • In house strain gauge installation service
  • PU encapsulated strain gauges
  • Weldable strain gauges
  • High temperature encapsulated strain gauges
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Strain Gauge Applications

Our in-house and on-site strain gauge applications have included:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Automotive / Autosport
  • Civil Engineering
  • Medical
  • Subsea Offshore
  • High accuracy testing machines used for national force standard calibration by N.P.L.
  • Load cells, alignment verification sensors and clip gauges.
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