As an independent company we are able to source and supply from the widest range of strain gauges available. We always ensure the right strain gauge is partnered with the appropriate application. Our range of sensors include:

  • Clip gauges
  • Alignment verification sensors

Clip Gauges

A range of crack tip opening displacement sensors that exhibit excellent linearity and temperature stability. Designed to comply with standard test methods: ASTM E1820-20, ASTM E399 and BS7448.

These clip gauges are available with a choice of gauge length and operating temperature ranges.


Alignment Verification Sensor (AVS) 

Gauge Factors Ltd. design and manufacture alignment verification sensors to meet the client's specific requirements and conform to ASTM E1012-19 and E466-15 standards.

The alignment verification sensors are machined from certified high-strength alloy steel with an integral robust cast to support the lead wire and isolate it from the measurement system.