Strain Gauges

PU Encapsulated Gauges

PU encapsulated strain gauges are an ideal product for on-site installation as wells as in-house applications.

  • Pre-soldered and pre-wired
  • Clear flexible coating for ease of alignment
  • Made to suit individual applications
  • Recommended to be used as part of Gauge Factors Ltd. advanced strain gauge installation system
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Encapsulated Weldable Strain Gauges

Polyimide-backed foil strain gauge, bonded to a thin inconel shim with high-temperature adhesive.

  • Weldable strain gauges are pre-lead and PU encapsulated
  • Protected to IP65
  • Attached with low energy spot welds
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'Extreme' Temperature Strain Gauges

  • HT strain gauges are pre-wired and encapsulated
  • Transparent flexible coating
  • May be bonded directly onto hot substrates as well as cold applications
  • Temperatures range from -196°C  to 250°C (short term 300°C)*
  • For use with Gauge Factors' range of high temperature adhesives

*depending on application

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High Fatigue Strain Gauges

High fatigue strain gauges are a series of Karma alloy patterns on highly flexible polyimide backing. Constructed for temperature stability and long fatigue life.

  • Pre-wired
  • Low modulus alloy solder joints extending gauge fatigue life
  • Encapsulated with polyimide film laminate
  • Small diameter, silver plated, copper alloy link wires