Renewable Energy

Gauge Factors Ltd systems have been actively involved in test, development and monitoring of onshore and offshore turbines.

Automotive / Autosport

Strain gauge installation, supply, test and calibration component parts to complete vehicles. Applications including:

  • Racing cars
  • Trucks
  • Military vehicles

Civil Engineering

Strain gauges are an important component of any construction or surveillance project. Our products and services have been used on major civil engineering projects worldwide including:

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Power Stations


Strain gauging of medical components - Artificial limbs, hip joints. From prosthetics and tooling to specialist equipment, Gauge Factors Ltd. are found in a variety of medical applications. 

Subsea Offshore

Resilient to withstand the demanding conditions of Subsea and Offshore, Gauge Factors Ltd. materials and services are ideal for heavy industrial and marine environments.

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