Weldable Strain Gauges

Weldable strain gauges are an invaluable instrument where long term or high temperature installations are required but conditions preclude clamping necessary for hot curing or twin pack adhesives.

These sensors consist of standard foil strain gauges bonded to a thin metal shim under controlled conditions and can be spot welded to most metallic substrates with the proviso that the correct tooling is available.


Weldable strain gauges can be produced in quarter, half and full bridge formats  as well as tri-axial rosette, bending pairs and torsional sets plus special lay-ups such as for use in high magnetic fields. All strain gauges used on these sensors are self temperature compensated during  their manufacturing process and are bonded to shim stock with expansion rates to match.  Gauge Factors offer a standard range  operating between cryogenic and 250ºC with higher temperature options available on request.

Integral cable

Weldable gauges are available pre-leaded with a customer specified length of cable permanently  attached.  Several types of cable are available.


A full range of spot welders,  gauge installation and monitoring  systems are available for sale or hire.

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